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Can’t find a gym? Bring the gym with you

Ever felt washed out while traveling because not a single gym is available near the area you live in? There is only one in three adults who have sufficient amount of physical exercise each week. A lot of the time the blame goes to having a schedule filled with traveling plans. The solution is simple: if you cannot find a gym, bring the gym with you. Here is a list of on-the-go exercise tips suitable for all types of traveling schedule:

1. Tree branch or bus stop overhang as pull up bar

When taking a nice walk down the street to check out the neighbourhood of your hotel or apartment in outstation, search for a bus stop overhang or sturdy tree branch for some pull up exercises. Make sure that the chosen tree branch is strong enough to support you to prevent any fractured bone and bruise.

2. Use suitcase for dumbbell rows

A suitcase is a perfect object heavy enough as weight. If your suitcase is exceptionally large in size, a backpack can do just as well. What is crucial here is the load in it, as long as it is heavy enough to challenge your biceps and gives the right amount of pressure while lifting means money saved from spending on dumbbells.

3. Wall as support for squats

The wall is universal and indiscriminate. All you have to do is stand against the wall with your back straight and feet close up, bend your knees to 90 degrees while sliding down your back, and hold for 30-60 seconds. This exercise builds up your upper legs and strengthen the knees, with no gym membership or professional trainer needed at all.

4. Stairs as stoop

There are many ways to have a workout and exercise using the stairs. From varied pacing, triceps stair dip to skater steps, the possibilities are almost endless. It focuses more on increasing the heart rate for fat burning and building the muscles of our glutes, upper legs, and core. Click here for specific explanations and step by step instructions.

5. Chair as bench at gym

This is suitable for exercises such as triceps dips, which can be called as the chair dip now. You just need to find a chair with good grip so it will not move away from you during the process, or else try to lean the chair against a wall. You can also use it for one-legged squat by holding the back of the chair for balance.

6. Table for full body workout

Do not be surprised, a table is enough for you to build almost every muscle in your body. It can be used for decline or incline push ups, balance lunges, glute bridge off table, handstands, plank holds reverse hypers, and many more. This proves how accessible and cheap the equipment we need for almost any workout is.

7. Couch for stretch and workout

Your muscles can be built by not even having to get up from the couch, is this not the best news ever? During commercial break, you can perform workouts like seated scissors, triceps dips, arm extensions, banana or apple crunches, and pillow rotations.

8. Pillows as incline bench

Pile up a stack of pillows against the couch or the wall to perform incline dumbbell bench press. Of course, like what we mentioned you can use your suitcase or backpack to replace the dumbbells. Other than that, you can also place a pillow between your knees and squeeze as hard as possible for around 30 seconds to tone your inner thigh.

9. Towel workouts

As absurd as it sounds, you can actually use a towel to strengthen your arms, legs and core. It is a fantastic stretching tool. The list of workout you can do with includes sliding tuck, reverse slider lunges, slide-through plank, frog plank, and push-up with single arm slide.

10. Water bottle for triceps extension

Instead of throwing away drinking bottles, you can fill it with tap water for triceps presses. If you want it to be heavier, fill it up with sand instead. Even if the weight is light, you can still feel the burn with proper posture.

Working out can be done anytime, anywhere, using everyday items. Do not let your busy traveling schedule stop you from getting the body you desire!





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