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Air-Dried Plain Noodles

You might already know our main product, but don't be fooled by its regular appearance! We've taken its smoothness and chewiness to a whole new level, making it absolutely unmatched and delightful.

Air-Dried Ramen

Introducing our ultimate crowd-pleaser, a top-selling favorite! Its intentionally curved and gently flattened surface is designed to cradle more of your favorite sauce or soup, all while showcasing our signature texture for an even better experience.
air dried ramen

Air-Dried Panmee

Extra flat surface, extra satisfaction! Coupled with its expanded size, you can genuinely savor the premium wheat flour aroma in each mouthful. And, of course, the smoothness and bounce are doubled for an even more delightful experience!
air-dried panmee

Air-Dried Misua

Legend has it that misua noodles bring a dash of longevity. They're super thin, soft, and slurpy—easy on the stomach. Let's keep the tradition alive and enjoy these friendly noodles for a potential taste of forever young!

Air-Dried Mi Riang

Creating extra waves in wavy noodles blends signature features of smooth, chewy, bouncy, thin, flat, and wavy types, offering a unique and mind-blowing mouthfeel.




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