imple Rice Cooker Meal

Serves : 3-5 pax

Time : 10 minutes prep time


1.5 cups brown rice
1.5 cups quinoa
50g shimeji mushrooms
200g canned tuna in water
60ml vegetable or chicken stock
1 tbs soy sauce
Pine nuts, toasted
Sesame seed
Nori strips


1.Wash the brown rice and quinoa together and add enough water to cook them as indicated by the rice cooker.
2.Wash the shimeji mushrooms and add it on top of the rice.
3.Add in the canned tuna. Carefully spread the ingredients so they cover the rice, but don’t mix it in.
4.Add in the stock and soy sauce. Cook as indicated by the rice cooker.
5.After the rice is cooked, add in enough pine nuts, sesame seed and nori strips according to your preferences, then lightly fluff up the rice to mix in all the toppings.
6.Serve the rice while it’s hot.

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